How to tap black walnut trees for syrup 1

                            Did you know that black walnut trees can be tapped in late winter to produce a syrup similar to maple syrup? If you have access to black walnut trees, this is a great way to put them to use. Black walnut trees are unique in that […]

How to tap black walnut trees for syrup

15 more ways to use your foraged walnuts 1

I’m still busy cracking the walnuts I harvested last fall (I have over 14 cups of meats so far), and I’m still finding creative ways to use them. Here are some more easy recipes I discovered online. Many of them involve maple syrup, because the maple sap has been running and it’s another great treat from your backyard! Maple-walnut butter […]

Fantastic ways to use foraged walnuts 1

Walnuts are some of the best nuts for foraging and there are all sorts of fantastic ways to use them. Last week, I wrote about how to shell your dried walnuts and harvest the meats. Now it’s time to put them to good use! You can eat them raw or grind them and use them as salad toppings, but the […]

Let’s get cracking! (those walnut meats) 3

Spring is FINALLY arriving in Minnesota, and it’s time to get back into the foraging mindset. Nothing’s ready to be picked yet, but I’ve got 3 large bags of walnuts that have been drying since last fall, and it’s warm enough to start opening them. So let’s get cracking! Materials: dried walnuts from last fall’s harvest (you DID remember this […]

Foraging walnuts 101 1

Have you ever walked through a park in the fall and stumbled over what looks like green tennis balls? Are you ready to make use of the black walnuts you see scattered all over your neighborhood? Gathering them is easy, and you’ll have a stash of delicious and nutritious treats when you’re finished. Finding the walnuts: To gather walnuts, all […]