How to easily forage (and use) mulberries

Mulberries are some of the greatest wild edibles to forage. They’re nutritious, delicious and easy to gather. Most kids find them irresistible too. Here’s how you can gather mulberries with your kids and make it fun and easy. Mulberry trees can be found in parks, woods and neighborhoods all over the U.S. and the berries and trees are easy to […]

10 Delicious ways to use mulberries

I shared how to easily harvest mulberries with your kids last week. Now, here’s ten great ways to use your haul.A little about mulberries: You can use them in any recipe that calls for berries. If the berries are fully ripe, the stems are soft and completely edible (and will turn purple and look inconspicuous when cooked up), but you […]

Early summer foraging: Mulberries 2

It’s mulberry season! Mulberries are delicious treats that are easy to harvest and great to use in all kinds of recipes. I’ve written about them in the past, because mulberry picking is a great activity to do with the kids — and kids love to eat them! I detailed how to find and gather mulberries in Here we go ’round […]