• Feb 2020 Wild Kids Magazine

    Wild Kids Magazine for February 2020

    Happy February!   Here is this month’s issue of Wild Kids Magazine.:   February 2020 Wild Kids Magazine This issue is 22 pages and as always, it is ad-free and 100% free to read online or print out. This month, we have information on how to feed wild birds by hand, instructions to make a simple shell or stone sundial, learning abut aloe and mallow, and vintage wild bird collectible cards, along with the usual seasonal poems, botanical coloring pages, nature journal pages and more. I think that we finally have the subscribe button working (fingers crossed).  A few people had trouble clicking the confirmation link, but it always worked…

  • January 2020 Wild Kids Magazine

    Wild Kids Magazine for January 2020

    Happy 2020! It’s a brand new year of Wild Kids Magazine, with some fun new additions.  We’ll be offering collectable nature cards in each issue of 2020, starting with butterfly fairy cards this year (real species of butterfly wings shown on drawings of ladies from the 1920’s).  Later in the year we’ll have other cards like flowers, fish, animals and birds’ eggs. For our botanical coloring pages, we’ll be offering herbal pages this year.  Some will be herbs that you can forage, while others will be ones that you can grow in your garden or on your balcony or windowsill.  They are still based on drawings by the wonderful Elizabeth…

  • December Wild Kids Magazine

    Wild Kids Magazine for December

    Happy December! Here’s the link for this month’s Wild Kids Magazine: Wild Kids Magazine for December This issue marks our 12th issue of Wild Kids Magazine! This month’s issue is 20 pages (PDF) and as always it can be read online or printed out. From the intro: In this issue, we have: Fun ways to celebrate the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year for those of us in the Northern hemisphere. Information on winter foraging and all of the wild plants you can still find when the weather gets cold. Coloring pages for spruce and chestnuts, two very timely wild plants for December. Botanical gift tags of all…

  • Feb Wild Kids Magazine

    Wild Kids Magazine for February

    Here is the February issue of Wild Kids Magazine! This month’s issue is longer than usual at 22 pages, in PDF format. This issue includes an article on foraging cattails by 15 year-old Johnathon, instructions for making homemade play dough with all kinds of natural ingredients to use for dye, foraging coloring pages for burdock and mullein, a six-page printable animal and bird track ID guide, 10 ways to have fun with nature this month, seasonal poems, a February nature journal and more. You can download the PDF or read it online here: February Wild Kids Magazine Here are some great pages to help you learn more about this month’s…

  • Wild Kids Magazine

    Wild Kids Magazine for January

    It’s here!  Here is the download for the January edition of Wild Kids Magazine.  The magazine is full color and is 16 pages in PDF format.  Feel free to read it online with your kids or print it out.  It includes printable plant ID pages, nature journal pages and other printables, so you may want to at least print those out if they’re helpful. Here are some fabulous web sites to learn more and have more fun with this month’s themes: Foraging Pine Needles Conifer Confusion: An Identification Guide for Pine, Spruce, and Fir Trees, by Gardener’s Path Foraging for Pine Needles (and other conifer needles), by Grow Forage Cook…