Wild Kids for February 2023

Happy February!

Here is the February 2023 issue of Wild Kids Magazine.

This month’s issue is 22 pages.  As always, it’s in PDF form so you can read it online, send it to your Kindle, or print it out.  And as always, the magazine is 100% ad-free and free for personal use.

Since we’re learning about wild mushrooms all year, this month’s issue of Wild Kids has a fun quiz for kids (and their grown ups!) to take to see which wild mushroom they’re most like. Let’s hope none of us is the beautiful but deadly fly agaric! 🍄 We’ve also got information and coloring pages for kids to learn about lion’s mane mushrooms and wood ear mushrooms this month.

We have two challenges this month, one bird ID challenge and one photo challenge with a different prompt each day for nature photos to take. We’ve also got a February phenology page and all of the usual nature study pages, a weather tree, seasonal poetry and more.

Please feel free to share the link to the magazine with anyone who might benefit.

Wishing you a wild and wonderful February.


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