December 2021 Wild Kids Magazine

Wild Kids Magazine for December 2021

Happy December!  Where did the year go?!

Here is the December issue of Wild Kids Magazine.  This month’s issue is 22 pages.  As always, it’s in PDF form so you can read it online or on your e-reader, or you can print it out.  And as always, the magazine is 100% ad-free and free for personal use.

This month’s Wild Kids Magazine has some foraging cards you can print out for your kiddos.  You can print out two copies to use them for matching games, or one copy to use them for flash cards or ID cards.  We have instructions inside on how to use them for various fun purposes.

We also have botanical flower gift tags the kids can paint or color.  This year we focused on flowers for our botanical coloring pages (if you remember, 2020 was herbs and 2019 was just general).  I’m not sure if we’ll do a theme again in 2022 and if we’ll keep up with Elizabeth Blackwell’s wonderful historic botanical coloring pages or if we’ll switch to something new.  She made hundreds of them (check out our very first issue if you have not read her fascinating story!) so we won’t run out any time soon, but she often used different names for plants that were commonly used back then and she didn’t include some of my favorite wild plants, so we’ll have to see which way I go for the new year!  No matter what, we’ll still have botanical pages of some sort for kids to learn from.

This month’s magazine also has ideas for nature gifts that kids can make and gather.  There are also all of the usual nature study pages, the weather tree, seasonal poetry, and all that fun stuff.

Please feel free to comment if there’s anything you’d like us to focus on in 2022 — or just to say hi!

Wishing you a wild and wonderful December.  ~Alicia

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