Wild Kids Magazine for January 2023

Happy 2023!

Here is the January 2023 issue of Wild Kids Magazine. 

This month’s issue is 22 pages.  As always, it’s in PDF form so you can read it online, send it to your Kindle, or print it out.  And as always, the magazine is 100% ad-free and free for personal use.

This month’s Wild Kids Magazine has 123 things to do in nature, plus a form for kids to log all the different ways they play and learn outside this year.  There is space for 20 things on each sheet, so just print more sheets as needed throughout the year. We also have a fun “sky in pixels” page where the kids can color the square for each day to show what color the sky was that time of day each day.  We’ll be learning about wild mushrooms all year and we’re kicking that off with information about artist’s conk and turkey tail mushrooms (and accompanying coloring pages), plus we have a January nature scavenger hunt and a January phenology page, plus all of the usual nature study pages, a weather tree, seasonal poetry and more.

Please feel free to share the link to the magazine with anyone who might benefit.

Wishing you a wild and wonderful 2023!


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