May 2020 Wild Kids Magazine

May 2020 Wild Kids Magazine


Welcome to the May issue of Wild Kids Magazine.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get this issue out.  I’ve been rather sick, a consequence of burning my candle at both ends far too much the past few months and being very sleep deprived and stressed right when I needed a healthy immune system.  I’ve been feeling better the last few days though and I put together an issue after all.  I used last May’s issue as a template and I’m afraid I had to use the same poetry page, but I put together some new things to try to bring you some nature fun this month.  I stole a couple of pages about violets from a foraging book I’ve been helping our youngest daughter Fiona put together, so that saved a bit of trouble for me, too!

Today is our son Jack’s 17th birthday, tomorrow our oldest, Toria will be 22, and after skipping just one day, it will be our son Alex’s 13th birthday.  This is a busy week for us!  We are doing our best to roll with it in this new normal and are looking forward to the days when we can once again fully enjoy our friends, family, nature and all of the world that this time has reminded us that we love so much.

Here’s this month’s issue, which is 16 pages.  As always, you can read it online or print it out.  Please share it with anyone you think might benefit.

May 2020 Wild Kids Magazine

Hang in there, folks.  Sending much love.

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  • Ashe Skyler

    For years now I have been very fond of a strange, lily-pad kind of plant growing in the shady parts of my yard, but I never knew what they were. Violets! This month’s issue was extra special to me. 🙂

    • Alicia

      Yes, the leaves do look a bit like lily pads, don’t they? 🙂 We love them, too. We started mowing around them in the shady part of the front yard years ago and eventually it just all turned into a little shade garden of white and purple violets and some other happy shade-lovers. It always seemed wrong to have flowers that were called white violets though. 🙂 The leaves are edible too, but we haven’t tried them yet since we always focus on the flowers. They are supposed to be healthy and good in salads (and full of vitamin C!). I’ve always heard that you should only gather leaves when the flowers are blooming though, since there are unhealthy lookalikes for the leaves. Here’s a wonderful article on enjoying violets and their leaves:

    • Alicia

      Sorry, just if you print it out yourself. We print them out and then slip them into clear report covers with slide-on binders to hold them together and it works well for us. The magazine is just something I do as a non-profit project and I don’t have funds to print and mail it. Ordinarily I advise people that you can also print in color very cheaply at libraries and copy shops, but I know that’s limited right now for those of us at home. I have a color printer that I got online for under $50 that prints it well and does both sides of the paper. I hate the price of refill ink though! Sorry not to be more help.