Wild Kids Jan 2022

Wild Kids Magazine for January 2022

Happy 2022! 

Updated on January 2nd!  I noticed when my daughter Fiona tried to use the foraging ID cards in the magazine that I had it so they weren’t printing with the names on the backs if you printed on both sides of the paper because of the order the pages were in.  I moved another page down past the foraging cards so now they print properly.  What a way to start the year!  😉   This is the updated magazine:

Here is the January 2022 issue of Wild Kids Magazine. 

This month’s issue is 22 pages.  As always, it’s in PDF form so you can read it online, send it to your e-reader, or print it out.  And as always, the magazine is 100% ad-free and free for personal use.

This month’s Wild Kids Magazine has more foraging cards you can print out for your kiddos.  You can print out two copies to use them for matching games or print out one copy to use them for flash cards or ID cards.  We also have 50 ways to play with a stick, a matching activity about wild plants to avoid, ways to have fun in nature, information about sorrel and sassafras (the original root beer flavor), plus all of the usual nature study pages, a weather tree, seasonal poetry and more.

Wishing you a wild and wonderful 2022!


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