Review: Study with Me Gives Bullet Journaling Inspiration for Homeschoolers

A newly released #studygram inspired book offers great inspiration for students to use bullet journals for studying, and can also be used by homeschool parents for bujo ideas for kids.

Study with Me: Effective Bullet Journaling Techniques, Habits, and Hacks To Be Successful, Productive, and Organized was released this month and I was lucky enough to read a digital Advanced Readers Copy.

As a homeschooling mom who regularly does bullet journaling, I was excited to read this book. I really enjoyed parts of it, such as the examples of how the authors used bullet journaling in each subject (trigonometry to French and much more).

Sample page from "Study with Me" showing a bullet journal entry with signs of confusion to use in writing and an example of writing a character profile, with information in text.

The authors do a great job of explaining how to get started bullet journaling, what you need, how not to overwhelm yourself, how to fix mistakes, etc.

I also liked the tips on how to make great fonts, doodles, etc.

Study with Me excerpt about adding doodles

Kids who need handwriting practice might really like the section on how to improve your handwriting with many pages of fun sample fonts, too.

This is designed for college students or possibly high school students, but it could easily be used for younger ages.

A lot of the sample spreads could be used for homeschool kids’ bullet journals or for notebooking. There are some great ideas for history, calculus, foreign language and much more.

Page from Study with Me showing an example history spread with presidents

They give a lot of helpful tips, like instead of trying to draw maps to just print them out and paste them in your bullet journal. I love the idea of using little post-it note strips to practice labeling countries.

Sample page from Study With Me about bulleting journals for students, this one showing a map with labels

I would have loved even more pages of examples and sample layouts. Each subject had one example page and listed other ideas for bullet journaling in that subject but I would have loved more. There were examples of a great variety of subjects, though, with a sample for each and then more ideas for possible spreads.

I didn’t see any pages of spreads to show things like tracking, which I do often (for instance, here are a couple of fun trackers I made for homeschool tracking.

homeschooling with bullet journals
homeschooling with bullet journals

I love seeing example pages that are very artistic and creative, and would have loved some more inspiration in that way.

All that said, this is a great tool for teens, college students, homeschoolers and more. I really enjoyed getting ideas for ways to make more bujos for various subjects and how to help my kids use bullet journaling for their homeschooling.

Study with Me retails at $17.99 (though it’s generally discounted on sites like Amazon) and is 112 pages. You may be able to find it at your local library, too.

Do you have a favorite bullet journaling book? Please add your recommendations in the comments!

Note: I read a temporary digital ARC of this book for the purpose of review. This post contains affiliate links. Purchases made through our links may earn us a small commission at no cost to you.

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