Wild Kids Magazine for December 2022

Happy December!

Here is the December 2022 issue of Wild Kids Magazine.  This month’s issue is 20 pages. As always, it’s in PDF form so you can read it online or on your e-reader, or you can print it out.

And as always, the magazine is 100% ad-free and free for personal use.

This month’s Wild Kids Magazine has some herbal cards you can print out for your kiddos.  You can print out two copies to use them for matching games, or one copy to use them for flash cards or ID cards.  We have instructions inside on how to use them for various fun purposes in the magazine.  Remember we’ve had foraging cards in the past and these herbal cards are the same size and design so they can add on to those earlier sets.  You can always go back and print those again, too (look for them in the December 2021 and January 2022 issues, I believe).

We also have foraging gift tags the kids can paint or color and a round-up of some of our Wild Kids readers’ favorite things to do in the winter.  There are also all of the usual nature study pages, ways to learn and play with nature this month, a weather tree to track the month’s weather, seasonal poetry and all that fun stuff.

Please feel free to comment if there’s anything you’d like us to focus on in 2023 — or just to say hi!

Wishing you a wild and wonderful December!

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  • Janet Grenleski

    Looking for the foraging cards in Dec 2021 and Jan 2022 issues. the issues don’t show up on this page.

    • Alicia

      Janet, just go to the issues for Dec 2021 and Jan 2022 and they’re in those issues. Or enter “foraging cards” in the search bar at the top of the page and those issues show up that way too.