Review: Composting for a New Generation Will Get You Excited About Composting — Really!

If you’ve always wanted to compost but didn’t know where to start, or if you’ve been composting for years but want to switch up your methods, a great new book has you covered.Composting for a New Generation: Latest Techniques for the Bin and Beyond

Michelle Balz’s  Composting for a New Generation: Latest Techniques for the Bin and Beyond is a phenomenal book to answer any questions you could possibly think up about composting, and a couple of hundreds you probably couldn’t think of.

I got the opportunity to read a digital version recently and didn’t expect to get much out of it.  We’ve been using a compost ball (sort of like this one but without the base so you just roll it on the ground to turn) for a few years and I’m just not that happy with the results.  It’s heavy and while I love the idea of just rolling it around to turn the compost, that doesn’t really work once it’s fairly full of veggie scraps, garden waste, soil, water and developing compost (at least not for 5 foot tall me).  So I was really looking for some new ideas and was pleasantly surprised to come back with far more than I expected.

This is a gorgeous book, full of full color photographs, detailed instructions, charts, projects and helpful hints.  It features all different kinds of compost piles, bins and plans, and information on everything related to compost.

What’s really surprising is that the book is so fun.  The author is so passionate and likeable that her enthusiasm is contagious, and it’s honestly a just plain enjoyable read.

Chapters include information on composting basics, the science of composting, types of compost bins, vermiculture (worm composting), maintaining and using your compost and much more.  There are also lots of plans to make all kinds of composters of your own, along with information on great principles like keyhole gardens, which use a central sort of compost pile with a built up garden around it.

I really enjoyed this book and heartily recommend it to anybody wanting to get started composting or improve their compost situation and skills.  You can find it online at sites like Amazon, order it through your local book store or request it through your local library.


Disclosure:  I was able to preview a temporary digital copy of this book through Net Galley but received no compensation or incentive for this review.  I do not know the author and have no connection with the author, illustrator or publisher.  Links in this post are affiliate links, which means purchases made through these links earn us a small commission at no cost to you.  I will never recommend a book that I wouldn’t recommend to friends or family, or buy for my own home library.


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