FYFO- 100: Feed Your Family Organic for $100 a Week (or less!)

Yes, you can feed your family healthy, organic, non-GMO food and not go bankrupt doing it!

FYFO 100 Feed Your Family Organic for $100 (or less!)

Welcome to FYFO-100, where I’ll share how we feed our family of 7 for around $100 a week.

Every few days, I’ll share more tips for how we make it work.  You can go all-in and learn skills like foraging or canning, or you can utilize just a few of our strategies and still save major money at the grocery store.

I believe passionately in passing on skills to help each other, on the ability to live well on less and be able to spend time home with our families, and on the importance of healthy food for our families. Our family volunteers in our local community by teaching skills like foraging and gardening, and I often help folks online with figuring out how to afford organic foods or learn traditional skills to save money.  I decided to start compiling our advice in one place in order to help more people (and save myself from typing out the same information for people over and over!). 

Keep in mind that I am a busy homeschooling mama of 5, so please be patient with me!  I will do my best to answer all comments and questions and to post new tips and lessons at least once a week. 


I’ll also be sharing posts and tips to the new FYFO-100 Facebook page.

Welcome to FYFO 100: Feed Your Family Organic for $100 a week (or less!) Join us to learn how to get control of your…

Posted by FYFO 100 on Friday, July 21, 2017

Ready to join me?  This is going to be fun, I promise.  🙂


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