99 More things to do by the end of the summer!

Following up on my 101 things to do this summer, here are 99 more fun, educational and just plain neat things to do with the kids before fall sets in. From preschoolers to high schoolers, there are activities for everybody. Write a letter to the editor. Cook with some sort of edible wild food, such […]

Summer science fun

Summer science fun

Summer is in full swing and it’s the perfect time to start up a little outdoor summer science. Don’t worry, this kind of science fun doesn’t require much on your part at all! Here’s all you need to get your kiddos experimenting, making concoctions and learning along the way. Test hypotheses.  You hear all sorts […]

101 things to do this summer

Have you made your summer bucket list yet?  If you need a little inspiration, here’s our list from 2010 of 101 fun, educational, sentimental and silly things to do over the summer. Catch fireflies Take part in the library reading program Dance in the rain Master the multiplication tables Read the Little House series together […]