Kids Can Learn Native Languages FREE with 7000 Languages

Here’s a wonderful free resource for adults or kids to learn indigenous languages. 7000 Languages is a nonprofit website and app that teaches native languages such as Dakota, Cree, Balinese and Ojibwe, absolutely free.

7000 Languages explains:

We create free online language-learning courses in partnership with Indigenous, minority, and refugee communities so they can keep their languages alive.​

More than 7000 languages are spoken worldwide… and nearly half of them are endangered. Each language itself is valuable.  But language revival is also linked to happier, healthier kids, advances in science, and more resilient communities.

When we protect a language, we aren’t just protecting words – we’re protecting a cultural identity and the well-being of its people.​

7000 Languages is a 501(c)(3) public charity that is supported by donations.

Languages covered include Ojibwe, Dakota, Central Ojibwe, Nahuatl, Kaqchikel, Koasati, Hän (Gwich’in), Kituba, Denaakk’e (Koyukon), Denesuline, Gwich’in, NW Ojibwe, Oji-Cree, Behdini Kurdish, Balinese, Holikachuk, Sisseton Dakotah, Benhti Kenaga’ (Lower Tanana) and Cree.

Note that the languages are listed in their own names, not the names that others gave them. For instance, the Dakota people were called Sioux by French and European settlers, but that is not their name for themselves. Also note that since Dakota languages span a large geographic area and different Native American nations, the language differs in different places. As such, there are two Dakota courses offered for different nations/regions, Dakota (Manitoba area) and S. Dakotah (MN, SD and ND area).

Languages are offered for regions around the world.

You can set up an account either as an adult, as an adult for a child, or as a child. The process is slightly different for each. The site is designed to work for approximately 3rd and up. As long as kids are able to read, they should be able to use the site.

Users start out learning basics like the alphabet. Your learning path tracks your progress.

You can also find 7000 Languages on Facebook.

Have you used 7000 Languages? Please share your experience! What’s your favorite language learning site?

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