September Wild Kids Magazine

Wild Kids Magazine for September

Happy September!

Here is the September issue of Wild Kids Magazine.

Wild Kids Magazine for September

As always, it’s in PDF form so you can print it out or read it online.  This month’s issue is 16 pages and includes information on making a skin-soothing plantain leaf oil from a weed that’s probably in your lawn or around your neighborhood, apple picking fun, ideas for blowing bubbles with natural materials, a recipe to make easy stovetop crab apple cider, and all the usual foraging coloring pages, nature journal pages, seasonal poetry and more.

Here are some links for more information about this month’s topics.


Plantain leaf

Wild Kids Magazine -- Making healing plantain oil


Foraging Plantain & Recipe for Plantain Leaf Chips from Leda Meredith of The Forager’s Feast

Plantain Herb: Foraging and Using Plantago Species from Practical Self Reliance

Want to make a salve with your plantain oil?  Here are easy instructions to combine it with beeswax from No Fuss Natural.

Apple picking

September Wild Kids Magazine

To find orchards near you, try an internet search of your area or sites like Local Harvest or Orange Pippin, which lists an impressive 118 fruit orchards in our state of Minnesota.

Remember that you can find apples all over city and county parks, around businesses and in your own neighborhood, too.  Just follow park rules or get permission from the owners, of course!

My hubby wrote up instructions to make your own fruit picker, for help in reaching apples and pears that are out of reach.

What to do with those apples? Our oldest son’s favorite apple recipe is Jack’s Impossible Crust Apple Cobbler (Gluten Free).

Stream Selfie

To take part in the Stream Selfie citizen science project (in the U.S.), head on over to SciStarter.

While there’s lots more I’d love to include in this month’s issue, it’s once again the last minute of the last day of the month, so I’m going to hit post and let it go at that.  🙂

Have a wonderful, wild month!









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