50+ Ways to Learn and Play With Social Studies

Looking for some hands-on ways for kids to work on history, geography, government and more? There are so many great ways to work on these skills with kids besides boring lesson plans and textbooks.

Here are 50+ great ways for kids to learn social studies from fun, games and real life:

  1. Volunteer at a historic site
  2. Do living history
  3. Read historical fiction books
  4. Attend wacipis (pow wows) and other local Native American events
  5. Watch great shows like Liberty’s Kids, Where In the World Is Carmen Sandiago? and Wishbone
  6. Put maps up in the house
  7. Go to your state capital and talk to your legislators about issues that matter to you
  8. Make a timeline together to go around the ceiling of your rooms
  9. Watch TV shows with a time travel theme like Timeless
  10. Write tourism centers from other states and countries and ask them to send you visitor information
  11. Visit international grocery stores and shops
  12. Play games like The Scrambled States of America
  13. Bring home great library books about different times, countries and cultures
  14. Play Timeline games
  15. Print out free paper dolls from ancient history from around the world
  16. Play with globes
  17. Watch travel shows
  18. Talk to elders about life when they were young or historic events they lived through
  19. Visit local historical sites and museums
  20. Watch movies based on historic events like Hidden Figures, Harriet, Apollo 13, Newsies, and On the Basis of Sex
  21. Tour your local courthouse
  22. Chart your family tree and learn where your ancestors came from
  23. Do a postcard swap with families from around the US or the world
  24. Subscribe to kids’ magazines like National Geographic Kids, Honest History and Cobblestone
  25. Play apps like Stack the States
  26. Go with the family when voting and caucusing
  27. Read the local paper together and talk about what’s happening in your area and around the world
  28. Watch biographies of famous people
  29. Learn a foreign language
  30. Visit historic sites when traveling
  31. Watch election coverage
  32. Watch YouTube courses like Crash Course US history, world history, civics or geography
  33. Watch fun shows like Drunk History and How the States Got Their Shapes
  34. Have conversations with lots of people from lots of places
  35. Watch documentaries on history
  36. Use Google Earth to “visit” places around the world
  37. Use apps or pages that tell you what happened on this day in history
  38. Use fun, free geography game sites like Lizard Point
  39. Attend history-based events like Civil War Days, the Renaissance Festival and Pioneer Days
  40. Volunteer on the campaign of a local person running for office who you support
  41. Color in all the state license plates you see over the summer on car maps
  42. Attend cultural events in your area like international festivals
  43. Put a pin everywhere in a map that you’ve traveled together (or where loved ones live)
  44. Visit churches and temples of all denominations
  45. Watch fun videos that teach history through song parodies like History for Music Lovers
  46. Regularly cook foods from all around the world
  47. Use maps and atlases when you travel to new places
  48. Print out free historic coloring pages from sites like these.
  49. Talk about your history, your family’s history and what’s going on in the world together
  50. Travel

Of course, this is just a drop in the bucket! There are so many historic apps, games, websites, books, activities, etc. that it’s impossible to name them all.

What are your family’s favorite ways to learn social studies together?

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  • simhakidsden

    (May 28, 2024 - 9:39 am)

    Thanks for these creative social studies ideas! They make learning so much fun. Great read!

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