Free Printable January Weather Tree!

Here’s a fun way to track weather and do nature studies with kids in the winter time.  Use a weather tree to record what each day’s weather is like.

I’ve created a free printable PDF weather tree for January that kids can color in each day for a beautiful way to chart the month’s weather.

Free printable January weather tree

Kids can choose their own color schemes and assign whichever colors they like to each type of weather.  If you like, ask them to guess which color will be used most often and which colors will be used least.  Are there any colors they guess won’t be used at all?

This is a great way to visualize weather in different seasons too — kids can easily see what types of days are most common for each month.

Check back later in the month for a February weather tree if you want to continue throughout the year.

Click below to download your printable January weather tree.

January Weather Tree

Have fun!

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