Lizard Point offers fabulous geography tools for teachers (FREE)

Lizard Point offers fabulous geography tools for teachers (FREE)

Here’s a wonderful site to help kids learn all kinds of world geography, absolutely free.

Lizard Point Quizzes offers interactive geography games that teach everything from countries in Africa to Canadian provinces to geophysical regions of the United States. In addition, they also provide features like merit stamps and give teachers the ability to track their students’ progress.

The site says:

We’re here to support you and your students. Here’s how:

Our quizzes have features that support and enhance learning
They’re not just quizzes… get deeper content with study mode
Earn merit stamps and save scores with the Personalized Quiz Tracker
Are your students 13 and under? You can still use the Personalized Quiz Tracker – with class accounts!
Need a quiz? See the request a quiz section
More than just geography – we’ve got World and historical leaders content

The teachers’ page explains some of the educational features of the site and how to best use them.

Some of the activities include:

  • Weekly Geography Trivia
  • Definition quizzes on climate, maps, water features and more
  • Flag quizzes
  • World leaders quizzes
  • Map quizzes on specifics such as Western European countries, New Zealand regions, Chinese provinces, Brazilian states and Middle East capitals
  • Bodies of water quizzes
  • Match flags to the map quizzes for Africa, Europe and more
  • Oceania capital cities quiz
  • US quizzes on states, capitals, cities, rivers, governors, geophysical regions and more

There are even quizzes related to world leaders, such as Place the presidents in order, Prime ministers accomplishments quiz and Presidents trivia quiz.

The site is funded by donations and ad revenue, and says:

The Lizard Point Quizzes website is owned by Lizard Point Consulting, a small family-run business, in southern Ontario, Canada. We have been providing free and fun educational content since 1997. We are strongly committed to maintaining the website as a family and school friendly, safe for all ages website. Your enjoyment of this site, and your privacy, are top priorities for us.

We are funded solely by advertising revenue and donations. All money received is used to purchase website hosting services, equipment and software, and compensate us for the time spent creating and supporting the quizzes and new features.

This is a wonderful resource for kids of all ages — and even for adults who’d like to improve their geography knowledge!

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