March 2021 Wild Kids Magazine

Wild Kids for March 2021

Happy March!  The year is starting to fly by, isn’t it?  (Thank goodness!)  The seasons are changing and all kinds of new adventures are waiting for us outside.

Here’s the March 2021 issue of Wild Kids Magazine.  This month’s issue is 20 pages and, as always, it is ad-free and 100% free to read online or print out.

In this month’s issue, we have information about using the scents of plants to help identify them, the importance of learning poisonous plants (especially in your flower gardens), an edible flower word search, a Bird BINGO game and more, with botanical coloring pages for lily-of-the-valleys and pansies, and all of the usual nature study pages.

Wild Kids Magazine March 2021 Edible Flowers

I promised in this month’s magazine to leave some good links on edible flowers here. Here are two of my favorites if you want to learn more about edible flowers and what they each taste like:

Practical Self Reliance has a wonderful list of 40+ edible flowers and tells you how they taste, plus has lots of recipes.

West Coast Seeds also has a great list with photos and flavor descriptions.

I hope you have a wonderful, wild month!



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  • Karen Probst-Alger

    How to I download it? I dont see where to do that or to just print it either. Sorry thank you in advance.

  • Cher

    I tried to share your link with some friends and Facebook says the url is against community standards. Thought you might like to know.

    • Alicia

      Yes, I know. Facebook abruptly classified the site as spam last year without ever stating a reason. Apparently they have done it to many sites over the past couple of years, especially if you share links to your page on FB often without paying to advertise. I have tried to correct it but they don’t allow people to really reach them at all. Readers have told me that they clicked “this is not spam” or “I think this is a mistake” and I have too, but they don’t ever respond or change it. This site is not spam and is a 20 year-old nonprofit website that our family has hosted for years (A Magical Childhood was originally a newsletter before blogs were ever a thing, and it’s where I host several family sites, none of which are for-profit or against any standards I can imagine).

      I’ve looked into it and the only way I’ve found that sites have gone around it is to sign up to run ads and then they’ll declassify it as spam. Since I don’t make money off the magazine and don’t feel a need to advertise for more readers (it actually costs our family more money when a lot of people download it because we get overuse charges), I just let Facebook blacklist it. It seems kind of slimy on their part, to be honest, so I really don’t want to pay them to undo it. When I post on FB about Wild Kids I just put a space in the URL so it doesn’t hyperlink. There are also companies that will do something on their end for $1000 to get Facebook to take you off the list, but again, since this is just something I do for free I don’t see a reason to pay. Sorry for the trouble though!