June 2020 Wild Kids Magazine

Wild Kids Magazine for June 2020

Happy June!


Here is this month’s edition of Wild Kids Magazine.

June 2020 Wild Kids Magazine

We have lots of fun stuff for you to do this month, even if you’re at home full time. There’s information on identifying night animals by the colors of their eyeshines (reflections of their eyes), plants to bring hummingbirds to your yard, the formula to tell the temperature by counting cricket chirps, foraging info on shepherd’s purse and self heal, ways to have fun with nature (even at home), seasonal poetry, a June phenology wheel and much more.

As always, it is 100% free to read online or print out.  This month’s issue is 18 pages.

My son Jack and I are still recovering from our illness (we’re doing well) so I put this together in a pretty short time period, but I tried to find some neat stuff to share with you all.

I hope you’re safe, healthy and able to spend some time outside with your family these days, one way or another.  Even balconies, rooftops, sidewalks and sunny windows can offer a bit of nature to make the day better!

Here are some links to help you learn more about this month’s topics.

Foraging Self Heal

Julia’s Edible Weeds has wonderful information on foraging and using self heal.

Edible Wild Food has great ID information and more to learn how to forage self heal safely.

The Herbal Academy has wonderful information on three ways to use self heal medicinally.

The USDA has a great PDF fact sheet on self heal’s names, habitat, uses, where it grows (everywhere!) and more.

Foraging Shepherd’s Purse

The Homesteading Hippy has a wonderful post with ID information and tips on eating shepherd’s purse.

Foraging Texas has great ID information, habitat ranges and more to forage shepherd’s purse.

Very Well Health has thorough information on the history of shepherd’s purse for health remedies, along with contraindications and instructions for using it fresh and in teas and tinctures.

Plants for Hummingbirds

HGTV has good information on plants to bring hummingbirds and more.

Have a safe, healthy wild month!


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  • Christie

    Thank you again so much for sharing this beautiful, beautiful work. I LOVE the links, too, and the more info sections. I seriously know nothing about foraging (Wait! That’s not true – after reading “The Far Side of the Mountain,” my kids wanted to eat wood sorrell so I looked it up and we discovered that there aren’t any poisonous lookalikes, so know they eat it from the yard and make wood sorrell tea.)

    Once I get these printed out for them (I’m thinking of printing them out and binding them, then giving each to them with something to help them complete one of the activities in the magazine, sort of like a subscription box or something.), I’m sure they’d love to send something in to you. 🙂 They love reading, so I wonder if a nature book review would work, or maybe just a picture or something they’ve done in response to your ideas.

    • Alicia

      I’m so glad you like it and I love the idea of binding them. It would be great for your kids to send in anything they’d like to contribute. It could be a photo or poem about something they’ve done in nature (how cool if it was something from a past issue) or a review, idea, anything they’d like. BTW, wood sorrel is a favorite nibble here too. I assume you saw that we featured it in the March 2019 issue (since everybody thinks it’s clover). Happy foraging!

  • Christie

    You mentioned on a previous page about the cost of ink (Wait, you didn’t believe that I really am your new fangirl stalker?! 😉 ), and I’ve seen mention of this on several homeschool blogs. I don’t know if this might be helpful or not. I haven’t checked it out myself but every year when copious printing season rolls around, I wonder if I should. 😉 I know there are reviews online, as well as discount codes. Who knows if it’s actually worth it!?