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Wild Kids Magazine for September 2022

Happy September!

Here is this month’s issue of Wild Kids Magazine.

This month’s issue is 20 pages, in PDF form as always.  As always, it is 100% ad-free and absolutely free to print out, read online or send to your e-reader.

In this month’s issue, we have a round-up of wild kids telling their favorite plants to forage.  We have information on fall seed pods and some seed pod logs for kids to record the ones they find this fall.  We also have a DIY September nature treasure hunt where kids can look for plants and animals in their region this month, botanical coloring pages and information on sweet woodruff and wheat (plus some information on how we hybridize plants), a September sky wheel and a nature calendar, plus all the usual nature poems, nature study pages and more.

If your kids would like to be included in a future round-up of their favorite plants to forage or their things to do outside, feel free to send a photo with their first name and general location (like state or province) with their answer to either of these questions:

What’s your favorite wild plant to forage?

What’s your favorite thing to do in nature?

You can send their info to Alicia at

Have a wonderful, wild month!

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