TypingWeb Offers FREE Trackable Typing Program for Homeschoolers

Here’s a great typing resource for homeschoolers. TypingWeb offers typing lessons and games for all ages, along with the ability for parents to track typing progress and improvement.

TypingWeb offers free trackable typing program for homeschoolers

Some of the features of TypingWeb include the options to:

  • Create classes and add students
  • Track student progress
  • Monitor student lessons and improvement
  • Calculate words per minute and accuracy
  • Choose from a selection of “skins” to personalize the program
  • Earn trophies and certificates
  • Take lessons at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels
  • Play games to further improve typing skills

The web site is ad-supported, with the ability to upgrade to an ad-free version.

TypingWeb says it is used in nearly every large school district in the United States and by millions of students worldwide.

This is a great free resource to help kids master typing. I’d recommend it for older elementary ages and up.

(Younger kids may enjoy BBC’s Dance Mat Typing to get started with typing, which is also free.)

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