June 2021 Wild kids Magazine

Wild Kids Magazine for June 2021

Happy June!  Welcome to this month’s issue of Wild Kids Magazine.

In this months’ issue, we learn about two kinds of flowers, irises and flax. We’ve also got some fun foraging mad libs, a June foraging find-it, ways to learn and play in nature this month, plus all the usual nature journal pages, foraging record keeping pages and some poems from the children’s nature poetry book I co-wrote with my daughter Rhia (I did the poems, she did the drawings).

The magazine is 20 pages this month.  You can read it, download it or print it here:

June 2021 Wild Kids Magazine

Note:  The spacing is off a bit at the end of the foraging mad lib pages.  It looks fine on my end until it is converted to PDF and then it gets all wonky.  My husband and I have fought with it but it’s the end of a very long day (he drove four hours today to attend a Memorial Day ceremony for his late father at the cemetery, and a very nice but inattentive teenager totaled our van two days ago) and we’ve decided it’s good enough!  🙂

As always, the magazine is ad-free and 100% free to read digitally or print out. Feel free to share the link with anybody you think would benefit.

More on Flax….

We talked about flax in this month’s issue and I promised some links for more information.  Here are some good ones.

Want to grow your own flax?  This page has great information on how to grow flax and its health benefits.  Here’s a good page on finding flax in the wild.  This article has interesting information on the history of flax through the years (from the biblical to botanical).

We also gave a basic recipe for flax seed hair gel in this issue.  If you want to get fancier, you can find fancier recipes and more information here and here (plus all over the internet elsewhere).

Have a wonderful month!


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