One of the wonderful things about making elderberry jam, jelly and pie filling with your foraged elderberries is that you can use them for so many recipes throughout the year.

Yes, you can use your elderberry jelly for a tasty (and healthy!) twist on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  You can spread your elderberry jam on fresh bread or English muffins.  And of course you can use your elderberry pie filling for pies, cobblers and crumbles.

But there are also so many other fun ways to use your home-canned elderberry goodness!  Here are five delicious ways to use your home canned elderberry jam, jelly and pie filling.

Elderberry Cupcakes

Elderberry Cupcakes

These delicious cupcakes are filled with a scoop of elderberry pie filling and then frosted, with another small scoop of elderberry pie filling on top.  I have the recipe on our family foraging blog (including gluten free directions).

Elderberry Cream Cheese

This super simple spread is delicious spread on crackers or bagels.  I’m guessing it would also be wonderful (and beautiful) stuffed in strawberries for a summer party treat.  Just blend softened cream cheese with elderberry pie filling to taste.

Elderberry Muffins

Elderberry cupcakes

Stir 1/4 cup of elderberry jam into your favorite muffin batter (or cupcake recipe, if you want a sweeter muffin).  Bake as usual.  If you like, sprinkle a bit of coarse sugar on top to make them extra special.

Elderberry Cheesecake

Bake up your favorite cheesecake recipe and gently stir in about a half cup of elderberry pie filling, jelly or even elderberry syrup on top, swirling just a bit.  Allow to set and serve, along with more elderberry pie filling as a topping if desired.

Elderberry Thumbprint Cookies

Make up a batch of your favorite thumbprint cookie recipe and fill each indentation with a teaspoon of elderberry jelly or jam.  Bake and serve.  Elderberries grow wild all over the United States, Canada, Europe and beyond, yet most people don't even realize they're there. Now you can learn how to easily find wild elderberries, forage them and grow your own to make medicinal remedies like anti-flu syrup and elderberry oxymel, delicious baked goods like elderberry meringue pie and elderberry thumbprint cookies, elderflower recipes like elderflower fritters and elderflower soda, alcoholic recipes like elderberry wine and elderberry hard lemonade, and lots more. Elderberries and elderflowers are among the most perfect wild foods. They are useful in all sorts of recipes, packed with health benefits that do everything from boost the immune system to cure the flu, and you can even find them for free all over the world -- or grow your own. This comprehensive guide will teach you: The incredible history of elderberries and elder flowers Health studies and traditional medicinal uses The effects of heating and freezing on the medicinal properties of elderberries The most efficient way to get every bit of the anti-flu benefits from elderberries (Hint: it's not elderberry syrup!) How to easily find elderberries, with full-color ID photos and maps of elderberry ranges in the United States and Canada (though you'll also find them elsewhere all throughout the world) How to grow your own elder shrubs from cuttings or wild transplants How to preserve elderberries by freezing, drying, canning and more How to ID elders and how to tell them from so-called poisonous look-alikes Elderflower recipes for teas, pancakes, syrups and more Elderberry recipes for jams, tinctures, oxymels, popsicles, pies, muffins and more Instructions for homemade spirits like elderflower wine, elderberry mead, elderflower-blueberry smashes and elderflower liqueur ice cream floats -- just to name a few! And much more With over 60 recipes for health remedies, baked goods, spirits, jellies and more! The amazing health benefits of elderberries are well known. There's no more need to spend up to $20 a pound on dried elderberries when you can find them all around you once you know where (and when) to look. There's also no more need to limit yourself to elderberry syrup when there are so many better ways to get the health benefits of elderberries. And once you know how to find or grow your own elderberries, there's no need to stop at medicinal recipes when you'll have enough to also make all kinds of delicious jellies, liqueurs, baked goods, drinks and other delicious treats. Whether you're a novice forager wanting to find local (free!) sources of elderberries for anti-flu syrup, a homeowner interested in growing elderberries and finding delicious ways to preserve them, or a veteran forager looking for fun new ways to make use of elderberry and elderflower bounties, this comprehensive book has something for you.

I have most of these recipes and about 70 more in my elderberry book (affiliate link), which you can order in paperback or Kindle editions.  Of course, the book also teaches you how to make that elderberry jelly, jam, pie filling, juice and such and how to can it, so you can use your elderberries all year, along with how to dry and freeze your elderberries to use them for anti-flu elderberry syrup, elderberry tincture, wines, schnapps, juice, you name it.  You’ll also learn how to find wild elders (generally more than you ever dreamed have been all around you all this time!), grow your own and use your elderberries and elder flowers for all kinds of wonderful foods, remedies, beverages and spirits.

Enjoy your elderberries!