Fall tapestry

The weave slips in and out of these days....
now turning to the splintered, rich cloth
of autumn. Here are raspberry reds, pumpkin orange,
the white smile of a child in a pile of leaves.
Feel how the cloth gets thick and warm.
This is the bulky, soft heft of mama's lap.
This is a blanket that hugs and warms.

In and out, in and out. The days twirl through us.

Soon, steamy breath will rise over their noisy smiles
as we dance on the crunchy, plaid lawn.
Soon we will tromp in colorful lines to trick or treat,
bags full of goodies and friends linked
hand by hand by hand.

It is the season of apple cider and jewel tones.
It is the time when we head indoors and ready for white.
It is the start of celebrations
and life, weaving in and out and through
the multicolored warmth
of family.

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