This was written to Annalee (Rhiannon Lee technically) when I was still pregnant with her.



Rhiannon, the world is waiting
impatiently to hear you sing.
Each day you grow and create yourself new--
eyelids, fingernail, bone.
I feel your slow dance beneath my ribs
in the thick of my crowded love.
Even your kicks are polite and beautiful.
Even your knees and elbows
roll within me with sweetness.
You are so large and real, and yet
you are a half dreamt memory, a wish,
a legend I want to believe in.

Victoria, your sister is within me.
You do not know, when you kiss my white belly
that it is her head, hands, heartbeat
that greets your love.
When you rub and hug, when you bounce with glee,
your sister is behind us, watching.
I think of your first touch, my daughters, and swoon
at the thought of so much joy
from this scarred white body.

Daryl, we have blue-eyed daughters
who will teach the world to dance.

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