Magical Childhood Newsletter
Full Disclosure Issue
July 21, 2001

It occurred to me the other day that I've just been sharing the sappy sweet times with y'all of late, and it's been quite a while since I shared anything less than rosy.  In the spirit of 'fessing up when things here are less than magical, I am sharing this with you, a letter I started to dash off to some friends just now.  ;)


What a day we had today!!!!!  I can't believe it's not even 5 and there's so much of it left to suffer through.  LOL!  Yegads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Victoria woke me up at some inhuman hour like 5 saying she had to pee.  I told her to go pee then.  No, she wanted me to go with her.  I was sleepy and grumpy (I went to bed at 2) and I told her to go pee and I'd give her a great big hug when she got back.  Thus began nearly 2 hours of her yanking on my arm wanting to cuddle it (she holds my arm for comfort-- why oh why didn't we get her attached to a security blanket instead of one of my limbs????), then I'd tell her to go run and pee, afraid she was going to wet the bed and she'd start crying.  Oh bah.  With Annalee tossed in, throwing fits if she didn't have the other arm all the while too, of course.  ;)

So finally I gave up around 6:30 and got up with Victoria, put her on the potty less than sweetly, and kept her company while she peed, which caused Annalee to become affronted at something.  It's hard to tell what, since Annalee gets affronted at a spot on the wall.  That's about the time the noise level of our sweet home reached the decibel level of a crowded airport filled with terrified, genetically altered monkeys and exploding jets.

I tried to get online and ignore the herd of howl-beasts who insisted on following me and hanging on me while they screeched, and Daryl managed to get something like 17 and a half minutes of sleep, for which he was slightly less than grateful.  I finally decided we were all going to Springfield to catch the farmer's market.

I offered to go alone, but just because I can't see and was ready to feed my children to pythons, Daryl decided I needed accompanying.  So we all drove the 45 minutes to Springfield to ..... the ONE lady who apparently encompasses the farmer's market in Springfield Minnesota.  She had a lovely selection of kohlrabi, miniature cucumbers and a couple of other tantalizing vegetables.  By then, Victoria was fast asleep and missed it completely.

We headed home, just as a storm came up and bombarded us with torrential rain.  Lightning was hitting so close we were convinced that we were all going to be bug-zapped, and of course we were right in the middle of the only treeless stretch of the drive, making us a gigantic white lightning rod just hollering to be bolted.

Luckily, we didn't find out till we got home that we had been right next to a tornado.  Like close enough it coulda winked at us.  Nice!  That coulda been something-- the whole screeching lot of us and our little bag of cucumbers and white onions being tossed into somebody else's sweet little home.  ;)

But despite the day's best efforts, we did make it home and Daryl escaped upstairs to nap for several hours.  I spent the next few hours being somewhat less fuzzy than the giant German prison wardens you always see on old episodes of Charlie's Angels.  You know, the ones who have their hair up in massive buns and you just know they have weapons concealed in there to do evil things with?  That kind.  Only they're so mean looking they wouldn't even need weapons-- just one hairy eyeball from Helga and all the inmates going scurrying off to lock themselves in their cells.  That type.

Only MY little inmates do not know enough about self protection yet to have the good sense to scurry, and instead they have spent the day crying at the top of their lungs, whining, and poking each other.  I swear, if someone had given me the choice today of spending the day with these children or mud wrestling with rabid beavers, I woulda been all over those beavers.

And now.... it is blissfully quiet.  I have the house to myself.  And I didn't even do anything illegal.  ;)  I just finally woke Daryl up, shouted "Your turn!" over the howls, and helped dress the little goblins and load them and their poor groggy father into a van headed for the lake.

If I could have a good 20-30 hours of this, I could almost get in a good mood again......  ;)

How was your day?  :)


Every society honors its live conformists and dead troublemakers.
-Avery Minor

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