Magical Childhood Newsletter
Volume 5
May 18, 2001

Hi moms and dads!  I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.  I sent the poem to our kids and planned on writing one about moms, but then I decided to enjoy a day off and sleep instead.  G!

Last time I wrote you about my determination to find a way to help other children have better lives.  To update you on what I've done so far, I tried to sign up as a Big Sister but unfortunately there are none in this part of my state.  I logged on to the Unicef site ( I believe) and pledged a monthly donation to help children worldwide.  I've been looking online for other organizations.  I'm still planning on volunteering here in my town too.  I'll update you as I find other good ways to help.  Please let me know if you have suggestions!

Have a great week!

Here's a fun game to play with little ones.  Toddlers love it!  You tell them this story, lowering your voice lower and lower till it's the slightest whisper at the very end....

Once upon a time there was a dark, dark woods
and in the dark, dark woods there was a dark, dark house
and in the dark, dark house there was a dark, dark room
and in the dark, dark room there was a dark, dark closet
and on the dark, dark closet there was a dark, dark box
and in the dark, dark box there was a......

and you shout out the last part with great enthusiasm!  The first time they get a little startled but in a fun way.  After that they still love hearing it, waiting impatiently for the fun end.  Victoria was adorable trying to retell it to us when she was newly two.  It's fun!


From magical mama Amy:

Wild colts make the best horses.


Famous trees!  This fantastic company sells trees that are authenticated offsprings of trees from famous people and places.  How would you like to have a sycamore in your yard that descended from the one outside the home of Betsy Ross, where she sewed the flag for the United States?  Or a weeping willow from Walden Woods, a grandbaby of a Graceland tree, or the powerfully sad and meaningful symbolism of a redbud tree from an original on the Trail of Tears?  There are trees from all sorts of sites of battles and historical happenings, from great women, people of color, and authors.  Most are $35 and they have many different types, with info on zones, flowers, care, etc.  And of course, I don't have any affiliation with them.  I plan on getting at least one tree, if I can ever narrow it down.....


Here's a dopey little song Daryl made up that he sings to our girls.  It's to the tune of somebody going over a mountain I think. :)

The bear ate up all the weasels
They gave him a fit of the sneezles
and then he caught the measles....
Oh what a silly bear!

QUICK!  Go get your kids and turn them upside down and tickle them!  Okay, as soon as you finish this.......  ;)


Another sensitive subject... Sexual abuse

Ignorance is not bliss.

You tell your kids how to stay safe while crossing streets or riding their bikes-- don't think that ignoring the subject of sexual abuse will keep them safe.  Boys and girls alike are abused at a staggering rate.  It is not the boogeyman victimizing them, it's scout leaders, teachers, grandfathers, aunts, neighbors and quite often it's other children who have themselves been abused.  Educate yourself so you can help protect them.  If you  never talk about it they will have no idea of what to do if someone tries to harm them, and they may get the idea that it's not safe to tell you.

I'm a survivor of child sexual abuse, and I can tell you firsthand that it doesn't matter what else in your childhood is happy or magical if you have to live through that torture.  Knowledge is power!  This little web site is my favorite for educating parents on the subject.

Also remember that abusers target children who are often alone, unhappy or feel unloved and crave adult atttention and affection.  You are a powerful tool in keeping your kids safe just by being there.  Also, just as burglars stay away from houses with dogs because of the noise and bothers, abusers are more likely to stay away from children who would be "trouble."  Teach your kids it's okay to disobey adults in some situations, to make noise, and to follow their instincts about people.

Yes, sexual abuse is an unpleasant and scary thought, especially for parents.  But it's like a room full of broken glass.  If you and your child go in there and turn out the lights and close your eyes, your child could get hurt.  If you hold your child, turn on the lights, open your eyes and show him how to avoid the glass there is a much better chance that he will stay safe.  If he is cut, it will likely be a smaller cut and you can help minimize it.  The last thing you want to do is leave him alone in the room and pretend there's nothing there.

Knowledge is power!

Now on to more fun topics.....  :)


Here's an easy, inexpensive sandbox idea.  We purchased a $6 plastic pool as a sandbox and a slightly larger $8 plastic pool to use as a cover.  The cover keeps rain, cats and leaves out of the sandbox when the kids aren't playing in it, and it can be upended and filled with water as a kiddie pool on  hot days.  We put two lengths of nylon rope under the sandbox before filling it, so we can tie the top on.  When we've forgotten, I've had to rescue the "lid" from the neighbor's garden patch a couple of times.  ;)

Oh, and for cheap sand see if your local Kmart or whoever will sell ripped bags of playground sand at a discount.  We got ours for 75 cents a bag since the tops were torn.


Here's a great site I found while looking for a way to help make a difference.  It's called the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.  This page is ideas for families...


Ten more ways to make today special........

1.  Tell your child about the day she was born.

2.  Plant a tree just for him.  If you like, have your child write down his dreams on a piece of paper and plant it in the hole with the tree.  Tell him that the tree is his wish tree and as he cares for his tree it will help care for his dreams.  Encourage him to brainstorm on ways he can help the tree bring about his wishes.

3.  Use body paints to make your kids into tigers, zebras or mythical creatures.  Don't forget to take pictures!

4.  Cut up an old sheet into butterfly wings for your child and help her color it with markers, paint or dye.  Slip stitch it onto an old shirt and let your butterfly dance around the back yard.

5.  Make a small gift for a loved one.  Wrap it and mail it anonymously from "someone who loves you."

6.  Show your kids what healthy love looks like.  Slow dance with your partner in the kitchen, complete with dips and a good kiss.  Afterwards, invite the kids in for a huge family dance.

7.  Put up a tent in the backyard and eat supper in it.

8.  Let your child do your hair.  The wilder the better!  Let him or her do your makeup too.  You don't have to go out in public with it.  ;)

9.  Make a food out of one of their books or stories.  Examples are an adaptation of stone soup or green eggs and ham.

10. Write your child a list of 50 reasons you love her.  Share the list with her, even if it's just leaving it on her pillow before she goes to bed.  I don't care how old she is, she'll love it.


That's it for this issue.  Hope you have a great week with your little (or not so little) ones.  Don't forget to laugh!



A Magical Childhood
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