Looking for something different to do with your kids today?

Tired of people that suggest fifty dollar blinky toys to turn your child into a two year-old genius?

Need a smile?

Well, give the kids something to occupy them for a few minutes (tried cheap band-aids yet? way cheaper than stickers, and way more fun, plus good for dexterity!), grab the treat of your choice and come visit.

This site was born out of my desire to share ideas and celebrate the neat parents out there. In an age when kids are getting scoliosis from toting home such heavy backpacks and people are trying to teach their infants French, I thought it was high time there was a place that focused on plain old happy, goofy, silly, leisurely life for our children.

Check out the newsletter archives for a mixture of musings, craft ideas, suggestions and so on. The articles section has a range of humorous, helpful, sentimental and just plain goofy stuff, while the poetry section is just an assortment of poems that I've written about my kids. If you look hard enough, you might even find out how to hypnotize a chicken. I ask you, where else are you going to find that? ;)

Enjoy your visit, and don't forget to take care of you. Please feel free to drop me a note!


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