Spray Art

Here's a great two-part art activity for little ones.

You'll need:
washable markers
one large sheet of paper per child (we use rolls of craft paper)
a spray bottle

Have the kids draw all over their papers, covering it with colors and designs. If you want, this can be the morning art activity and you can do part two after lunch or later in the day.

Next, tape the papers either outside or to the wall in the bathtub (no mess this way). Give each child a spray bottle with water and let her spray her artwork. The colors will run into the water and make great designs, and kids love using the spray bottle.

Even though the markers are washable, make sure the kids wear clothes that can get messy. Or better yet, use the tub and let them just wear their diapers.

Let it hang to dry, and then use your "watercolor" paper to wrap presents for loved ones.

Have fun!

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