Snow Crafts

If your yard is like mine and looks like a Polar Bear habitat for 6 months a year, you get really, really tired of snow. There's only so much you want to stand outside in sub-zero temperatures and help your children out of snow drifts. Sometimes you want to come inside for a while and get the feeling back in your fingers, whether the kids like it or not.

If your kids love snow but you want to spend some time where you can't see anybody's breath, bring it inside!
Coloring Snow
Annalee colors a frozen masterpiece

Here's some fun snow crafts sure to entertain the little ones long enough to defrost everybody.

The great thing about snow is it comes in bulk, it's free, and it's portable. It practically cleans up itself, magically turning into a nice little puddle that tiny hands can easily wipe up.

Now, in March when there's nothing but brown snow to do crafts with..... that's a bigger challenge. Coming next -- mud crafts! Just kidding.


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