Here's a fun and easy craft that's part science experiment, part mess and tons of fun!

Oobleck is very simple to make and costs next to nothing.

To make: Slowly mix two parts corn starch with one part water. That's it! You can add food coloring to the water to tint it if you like.

So what's the attraction? Oobleck has the amazing distinction of being either a solid or a liquid, depending on how you handle it. If you scoop some into your hand and leave it alone, it will ooze between your fingers as a very slippery liquid. But squeeze it, and it'll be a hard solid that will even crack!

What can you do with Oobleck?

Mix up a batch in an 8x10" pan (one box of corn starch will do it, though 2 will make it extra thick and squishy) and let the kids step on it. When they stand still they will sink in but if they jump they will be able to jump right on top of it.

Mix up a small batch in a bowl and experiment with poking it, stirring it, punching it, you name it.

Form it in a ball and try to throw it to a friend in the back yard. Watch out! :)

When you're done, you can spread it out in a pan and press leaves and other shapes in it.Let dry and you have some beautiful (and fragile) fossils. If it dries out, pound it into a powder, add water, and see what happens....


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