Mosaics For Little Ones

Here's an easy, inexpensive craft project for little ones. Not only will your kids have fun, but the result can be something you'll be proud to have in your living room. Really!

You'll need:
a discontinued wallpaper book or scraps of wallpaper, fabric, construction paper, etc.
paste or glue
an inexpensive frame
  1. Flip through the wallpaper book and pick out two or three pages (or more) that coordinate with each other and with the room.

  2. Cut one large piece to fit the frame. This will be the background of the art.

  3. Draw and cut out a large shape to decorate. At Christmas time, I used a tree. You could use a heart, a shape, or anything you like. You could also skip this and just go to step 4.

  4. Randomly cut another piece of wallpaper into random shapes, balls, etc. (You may want to do these first steps before inviting the kids in if they are too little for plastic scissors).

  5. Have the child glue the large shape to the background, then glue the smaller shapes wherever he or she likes.

  6. Frame and hang!

This is a craft that works well with different ages. Older kids can draw and cut out their own shapes, while little ones just have fun gluing and positioning the pieces.

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