Marbled Jars

Here's a fun way to recycle those glass jars and bottles. These look beautiful on a sunny windowsill and make great gifts too!

You will need:

Find a well ventilated area, preferably outside. Spread out newspapers and give each child one jar. Have the kids squeeze, spoon or paint the paint on the inside of the jar. Use a little at a time and then roll the paint around inside the coat the jar or paint with a paintbrush.

Be sure the paint doesn't all pool at the bottom! If you have a lot on the bottom, tilt the jar and let the paint roll around the sides some more.

Use different colors to make whatever design you like. It's fun to drop some paint in and then twirl the jar in all different directions to watch the patterns that the dribbling makes inside. If you like, you can carve designs into the paint with a stick and then after it dries pour another color on top. Your new color will show through the scraped parts.

Other techniques to try: