Mad Art

Here's a fun craft we made up that only requires paper, crayons or markers and a little imagination... mad art!

Remember Mad Libs, where you plugged silly words into a story to make an even sillier story? This combines words to make silly art. Give it a try and see how creative your kids can be!

To do:
  1. Write an equal number of descriptive words and nouns on slips of paper. The descriptive words can be adjectives like fuzzy or nouns that bring to mind certain looks, like bumblebee. The nouns should be things that are easy to draw if you have little ones. Stars, hearts, trees, flowers and people are good for this.

  2. Put the descriptive words in one bowl or bag, and the nouns in another.

  3. Have the child pick one of each word and draw the combination. Some possible examples would be bubble tree, furry fish, bumblebee car or electric heart.
If you want to make it even easier, you can print out the words we used here.

Once the kids get the hang of it, they can make up their own words to add in too. Go mad!

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