Lazy Mama Crafts II
More easy ideas to entertain little ones

We've all seen the wonderful ideas for craft projects for toddlers that involve a plastic bottle, sequins, food coloring, small toys, glue, raffia and 2 hours of your time. They are definitely cute but there are lots of days when you don't have the time, energy or ability to do these mama-intensive crafts and you just want an idea that will keep your little one happy for a half an hour.

Here's some fun and easy ideas for entertaining toddlers when you're sick, on bed rest, stuck inside for long periods or plain old tired.

Remember, if you're sick, bedridden or burned out, it's okay to lower your expectations of yourself. Make quick meals. Ask for help. Let the house be messy. Crafts can also be low maintenance and still be fun. It'll keep the kids (and you!) creative!

Easy Dough

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