10 Uses for Heart Shaped Chocolate Boxes

Have some Valentines boxes that were just too pretty to throw away but have no idea what to use them for? Here's some fun ways to recycle them. These ideas are specifically for the ones with compartments built in, but if you don't have those just use caps from water bottles or tiny candy cups to make compartments.
  1. Make wacky watercolors and put a different color in each compartment.

  2. Use them to house bug collections.

  3. Use them to house rock collections.

  4. Use the plastic compartment part to make fancy ice cubes.

  5. Use them to separate beads and other jewelry making bits.

  6. Make no-bake truffles to fill it up again and give it to a loved one as a gift.

  7. Put different colored stickers at the bottom of each compartment and make a fun game. Bounce tiddly-winks or coins off the table into the compartments, trying to fill each one with at least one coin. Take turns and work as a team till you get them all filled.

  8. Use them as jewelry boxes for rings, earrings and small jewelry.

  9. Start seeds in them. Fill with moist starter soil, plant 3 seeds in each compartment, cover with plastic wrap and put in a warm place. Light is not necessary at this stage. When seedlings appear, move them to a window with lots of light and then transplant the seedlings to larger containers when they get big enough.

  10. Use them to organize tiny doll shoes and accessories.
Have fun!

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