Alphabet Books

Here's a fun way to combine learning and creativity when your kids are learning their letters. Make an alphabet book!

You'll need:
A three ring binder
a hole punch
plastic sleeve sheet protectors (available in office supply stores-you slide papers in and they protect pages and can be wiped clean, also they act as pockets for little pieces of paper)
old magazines
8x10 sheets of paper (white or colored)
markers or crayons

This is an ongoing project for short periods at a time. Basically, you draw a letter on a sheet of paper (or print one out) and have your child color the paper however she likes. Put it in the plastic protector and then go through magazines looking for objects that start with that letter. Your child can also draw her own pictures. Put pictures that start with that letter on the back side of the letter. You can have just one page for each letter or a whole lot. It's all subjective. You can pick a day to just color letters, or you can make one day for each letter and make it a theme for the whole day. Don't forget to give your child some photographs of herself and loved ones to go with their initials too.

The books can be changed, added to, and best of all they wipe clean. Kids can also read them to baby brothers and sisters, since they're virtually indestructible and full of brightly colored fun stuff babies love.

Once the book is completed, you can do different games to teach letters and have fun with it. Activities can grow with your child as he masters more of the alphabet. Some ideas include:

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